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Hi loves!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you and provide a little background on the Goddess Lashes product line!

My name is Brianna and I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona! I have been in the beauty industry for ten+ years and have always had a passion for lashin’. It wasn’t always easy though. I’ve had many frustrations, “failures” and struggles along the way, to the point of almost quitting (numerous times). I worked so hard at evolving my lash skills and I wanted to gear towards something that I thought was more my “style” of lashing.

That’s where 0.03s came in my life! I took a mega volume course in 2016 and became OBSESSED with using 0.03s. That’s all I started using. With time, I found that the lashes I was using weren’t working for me anymore. So I went on a quest for the perfect lashes. I tried many, many different lash lines; some were great and others just didn’t work for me and my style of lashing. And when I did find one that I liked, There was a lack of consistency in the quality. Being at the peak of my frustration, and at a loss for answers, I began researching and researching....

In a nut shell, I could not find the “perfect lash” for the life of me. I told myself that if I could not
find the perfect lashes that work for my style of lashing, then I’m going to make them myself. I figured, if I’m having these issues, then many other lash artists are as well. This led me to my determination in starting my own lash line. I set out to find the blackest and softest lashes that allowed me to pinch WITHOUT any glue residue on the strip. (you know what I’m talking about). ...And that’s exactly what I did.

We have a tough profession. There’s a lot that goes into our art, so my mission was to make it as easy as possible for us lash artists. I wanted to blend together the most important things to me in a lash line and it all came together, organically! Silk finish, deep black, soft, fan like butter and foil back! All of these things were extremely important for me to have for you (us)!

I hope you love our lashes as much as we do. Thank you for choosing Goddess Lashes. 

- xoxo, Brianna